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On Arrival

On Arrival

Some of the measures set out below may be clearly visible to you from the moment you arrive and others require consideration from guests to help ensure everyone has a magical visit.

On arrival


  • We have significantly reduced the daily ticketed capacity to allow for social distancing and the best possible guest experience.
  • Guests will notice new information signage informing them of key safety messages and instructions.
  • We are required to record contact details for all guests to ensure contact tracing may be conducted if necessary

Update: 5th August 2020 

In line with the most recent NSW health advice on Covid-19, we will be checking the temperature of our guests as they enter the attraction. The wearing of face coverings is strongly recommended and applies to all attendees 12 years and over and excludes those with certain health conditions and/or disabilities.

Face covering and temperature check Q+A

Q: Under what conditions is a face covering NOT strongly recommended?

A: A face covering is not strongly recommended in our indoor attractions in some circumstances including:

  • Infants and children under the age of 12 years
  • A person who is affected by a relevant medical condition, including problems with their breathing, a serious condition of the face, a disability or a mental health condition
  • Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication
  • When consuming food, drink or medication

Q: Do I need to provide a medical certificate stating that I have a lawful reason for not wearing a face covering?

A: Please note that you do not need a medical certificate stating that you have a lawful reason for not wearing a face covering.

Q: What type of face covering is appropriate?

A: While the Chief Health Officer recommends a mask with three layers, any face covering is better than none. This includes a scarf or bandana or a disposable mask, which you should dispose of responsibly by putting it in the rubbish bin after using it once.

Q: Will your staff also be wearing face coverings?

A: All customer facing staff will wear a face mask at our attractions.

Q: From what age will guests be required to have a temperature check?

A: Merlin Entertainments will be using non-contact thermometers to screen the temperature of each guest upon entering the attraction, unless they are under the age of two.  

Q: Re temperature checking: under what circumstances would I not be permitted entry?

A: Guests who do not wish to undergo the temperature screening or who have a raised temperature of [37.8°C or above], along with their household group*, will not be permitted entry but will be offered a full refund of the admission price of their ticket.

*For the purposes of this guidance, a school or other group day trip will not be considered a household group but a tour group who are travelling and staying together will be considered a household group (due to the likely longer duration of close contact between members of the group).

Q: Will you record my temperature?

A: No record of the temperature will be retained and the data will not be used for any other purpose.